IAF Statistics

1.    Our 31 volunteer pilots collectively bring 743 years and 420,000 hours of flying experience to the table. These credentials speak highly of a dedicated group of pilots that are about to make a lot of things happen.

2.    We will move over 537 dropped and scratched dogs back to Anchorage or one of the hubs.

3.    Move over 124,822 lbs of dog food to nourish our athletes

4.    Each musher averages 1758 lbs of food

5.    A total of 3203 bags of food

6.    Move 391 bales of straw/hay, enough for each team to have fresh straw at every checkpoint.

7.    Move 5100 lathes to remote checkpoints for the trail breaks to mark the trail.

8.    Distribute 1135 cases of heet.

9.    Bring in lumber for the tent camps and the carpenters to build them. see the 2010 photo gallery for Ophir

10.  Fly 45 veterinarians that monitor the athletes before, during and after the race to insure there well being.

11.  Move 44 communications volunteers and all their equipment to and from checkpoints.

12.  We also moved 101 race judges, Director of Competition and logistics, photographers, insider personnel and dog handlers continually up the trail who support the race